Meet Aaron

Aaron’s story is one of tradition, innovation, family, and future. After a successful private career in the private sector, Aaron chose to return to the family farm to grow and expand on their success – on his own terms.

His focus on environmentally and socially sustainable practices in all areas of his life have been impacted not only by his farm-grown upbringing but also his trip to eSwatini (formerly Swaziland) where he was able to learn and help an egg farm.

The eSwatini Adventure

When non-profit Heart for Africa and their Project Canaan needed an egg farmer, Aaron found a project that would change life for those he helped, and also change him forever.

“It gave me an incredible perspective on how we can influence and make a huge difference in the world.”

Project Canaan is a combination farm and children’s home. Started in 2009 by a Canadian couple, the goal of the project is to feed and shelter the thousands of children orphaned in large part by the AIDS epidemic. While Aaron was helping build a new egg farm at Project Canaan, it housed and fed over 100 children, and has continued to grow since he returned to Canada in 2016.

The Project Canaan Children (PCC) program provides a safe haven for orphans and vulnerable children.  Children’s homes and schools have been and will continue to be built to provide for the ever-growing number of orphans being left in the wake of the drought, disease, starvation and the AIDS pandemic.  This will provide them a chance to live and grow as well as be educated to help break the cycle of ignorance and poverty in their generation.

The impact of seeing the world and its challenges outside of our borders – and to have the skills needed to address some of those challenges has never left Aaron. His contribution to Project Canaan has continued to feed children and has kept Aaron inspired to do more good in the world in his own unique way.